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ID 638


Tarrós € 0,00
  • Size of the house 35 m2
  • Size of the garden 1740 m2
  • 2 bedroom/living room
  • 0 bathroom
  • Electricity

  • Description


The property is located in Tarrós village.

Dombóvár city can be reached in 15min. by car.

Thermal spas are nearby. Magyarhertelend 18kms, Gunaras 16kms, Sikonda 22kms. Lake Orfű is 26kms.

The house is 35sqm.

Ground floor: one room, a storage room and a praparation room + the cellar.

Loft level: one room with balcony.

Electric is connected.

The size of the land is 1740 sqm with with several varieties of planted grapes and fruit trees.





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