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Pusztaszemes € 0,00
  • Size of the house 133 m2
  • Size of the garden 4432 m2
  • 6 bedroom/living room
  • 2 bathroom
  • Furnished
  • Water
  • Electricity

  • Description

The properties are located in Pusztaszemes which is a nice village in Somogy county. Lake Balaton (Szántód, Balatonföldvár) is only 15 kms away. From Szántód by ferry you can visit the North part of Lake Balaton.

The M7 highway can be reached in 10 min. (8 km) Budapest airport is 140 kms.

There are many places to visit around Pusztaszemes and there are more possibilities for shopping nearby. Tab is 13 kms, Siófok is 25 kms, Balatonlelle 28 kms.

The price includes 2 houses which gives an opportunity for renting out one of the houses.

The bigger house is 83 m2. There are 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen-dining room, a hall, a shower room and a detached toilet in this house. + a covered terrace at the back side. This house has been completely renovated 15 years ago. The roof has been replaced 8 years ago.

This house can be heated by the wood burner which is placed in the living room. For additional heating you can use electric heating panels. Water, electric and septic tank are connected.

The size of the garden which belongs to this house is 2.185m2. You can find a well and a nicely renovated celler with storage on this plot.

The smaller house is 50 m2. There is a bedroom, a living room-kitchen, a hall and a shower-toilet in this house. Following of the house you can find a storage room where you can reach the attic from and a garage. This house has been renovated 4 years ago.

Water, electric and spetic tank are connected.

The size of the garden which belongs to this house is 2.247 m2. Well and cellar (it needs to be renovated) you can find on this part.

The two plots are open together and the first part of the plot is fenced off from the top. If we go up to the back / top of the plot, a very nice panoramic view opens up.

The two plots total size is 4.432m2.

Furniture and equipment are the subject of discussion! (Equipment means garden tools and machines)



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