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ID 692


Vásárosdombó € 0,00
  • Size of the house 30 m2
  • Size of the garden 3995 m2
  • 7 bedroom/living room
  • 2 bathroom
  • Electricity

  • Description

The agricultural property is located at the outside of Vásárosdombó in a quiet beautiful environment.  

If you want peace and quiet, this small cottage is a great option. It is perfect for a hunting lodge or a tourist lodge. There are designated hiking trails and thermal spas nearby.

The building is 30 m2. On the ground floor there is a kitchen - preparation room. From here the brick cellar opens. In the attic there is a room, a balcony and a covered terrace.

There are beautiful vineyards, arable land and many fruit trees in the plot.

Electricity is installed in the building. There is a shared well nearby.

The size of the plot is 3995 m2.

Please note that it is qualified as an agricultural property and it will take time to own it.



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