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ID 596


Nagyhajmás € 0,00
  • Size of the house 70 m2
  • Size of the garden 2537 m2
  • 2 bedroom/living room
  • 1 bathroom
  • Water
  • Electricity

  • Description

The property is located next to the forest in Nagyhajmás village.

Nagyhajmás is 16 km from Dombóvár town, 19 km from Gunaras spa, 36 km from Magyarhertelend spa, 40 km from Sikonda spa and 5 km from Bikal adventure park and spa.

The house has mixed (brick and adobe) walls. The house has been partly renovated. New bathroom, coverings, wooden windows and doors.

In the 70 sqm house there are 2 bedrooms, a kitchen-dining room, a hall, a bathroom with bath and a separate toilet.

2 garages, 2 storage can be found on the plot. The size of the whole plot is 2537 sqm.

Water, electricity, cable internet, septic tank, wood burning stove.






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