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Dear Client,

Welcome on my website!

If you have decided to buy a house in Hungary then you are on the best site because I can help you in everything from finding a house to signing the purchase contract and much more.

My name is Adrienn (Adri) and I am a real estate agent and appraiser. I was born in Kaposvár in Hungary and I know the South-Western and the Western part of Hungary well.

I have the education, business relations and experience/knowledge to offer my work to foreigners who want to buy properties in Hungary. I speak fluent English and a bit of Dutch. I am registered at the town hall (in Kaposvár) as an official real estate agent and appraiser.

About my work...

I have properties for sale at Lake Balaton (West and South part), Somogy, Zala, Baranya and Tolna counties.

You can find thousands houses for sale through the internet or during a visit in Hungary but it can be difficult to find the best house if you don’t speak the local language, if you don’t know the laws and you don’t know anything (or not much) about the locations.

I offer you a complete property buying service to find your Hungarian home and to do everything what is necessary to own your new house. (in the information part you can read all about my services and fees)
I work with an excellent lawyer who has advanced knowledge about property sales for foreigners and he is always up to date in real estate purchase laws.

Please check out the properties on my website and if you have any questions or you like any of the houses feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone. 

Thank you for visiting my website and I wish you a nice day! 

Kind regards,
Adrienn Csipke (Adri)

The number of my diploma: CXBC 260864

My registration number at the local council: 44488769