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Interesting information you must know about Hungarian people :)

We, Hungarian people are friendly but it takes time to let a stranger to get close to us. But after a while when we start to trust you, we will handle you as a family member.

Most of the Hungarian people like to speak, especially elderly people and they will not care if you don’t understand their Hungarian language. :D

Unfortunately Hungarian people are very negative, and like to speak about their problems/health problems.

Hungarians are pessimistic and they are always complaining and they are too worried people.

Hungarians like spicy foods. At Christmas/Easter holidays we cook/bake like an army is coming to us for lunch/dinner. Tipical Hungarian foods are: gulyásleves, pörkölt, töltött káposzta, töltött paprika, halászlé, rántott hús, lecsó, húsleves. But we have many more foods what we like. We like all kinds of „főzelék" as well which is made from vegetables.

Most of the Hungarians, especially men like to drink beer, wine and "pálinka". Pálinka is a very strong snaps which is made from fruit and it can have an alcohol content of 40-60%.

Hungarian people like to go to bed early because we get up early. In Hungary we don’t make phone calls after 8 pm and we don’t go to eachother after that time. Most of us can take a rest only on Sundays so for us this time/day is for the family.

If we do something for someone, even if it was just a small thing, we like to get a „thanks" for it.

We prefer to use tissue when it is necessary. :D Sniffling is actually a noise hungarians do not like. Blow your nose loudly and fast, and do not sniffle anymore.  + blow your nose with a tissue, not in the hand wash sink. :D

After we have visited the toilet, we wash our hand and at the sink in the bathroom and not at the sink in the kitchen. :)

We take off our shoes when we enter to someone’s home or at least we ask if we shall take off our shoes.

We like to give a hug and/or 2 kisses when we meet someone who we know and like.

If you ask "How are you" from a Hungarian person he/she will answer and will tell you how he/she is.